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I love this article! This is the number one question a vegetarian gets, It´s as good idea to get protein from meat as it is to use milk as a source of cacium.

Originally posted on Bio-Sil South Africa:

The Protein Myth

Health Basics: 10 tricks to never eating meat again

by S. D. Wells


What is the first question a meat-eater asks when you tell them you never eat meat? «Where do you get your protein from?» That protein myth has been dispelled for many years, in fact, there’s more bio-ready «available» protein in raw vegetables than in meat, and it only takes a few minutes for the body to break down the vegetables to access it, unlike meat, where the body must do a ton of work just to access the same «amino acids» for which the body is searching. Some of the greatest athletes in the world are vegans and vegetarians.  (not to mention mammal giants such as whales and elephants!)

The second most popular question asked of a vegetarian is, «Why don’t you eat meat — is it because of the hormones or…

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More gifts coming my way!

I´ve got a flower theme going on!

I got nominated again! This time to the sunshine awards! This is what A Charmed Yogi had to say; Holistic Me – «From nutrition to women’s health to self-esteem, she writes from the heart», thank you, that is very much appreciated.

The Official Rules of the Sunshine Award:


• Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
• Answer 10 questions about yourself.
• Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers.
• Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
• Share the love and link the person who nominated you.


The 10 Questions:

1. Favorite color?

Deep green, bottle green

2. Favorite animal?

Fidel, my eleven year old labrador, here depicted resting.

3. Favorite number?

8, because it represents infinity

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?


5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter?


Česky: Logo Facebooku English: Facebook logo E...

6. My passion?

There are many things I am passionate about, but they all involve a beautiful way of living. Food, art and people.

holistic approach

7. Prefer getting or giving presents?

Better at giving working on the receiving part.

8. Favorite pattern?

waves of the sea

9. Favorite day of the week?

sunday, rest and the anticipation of the week to come, long lazy breakfast

10.Favorite flower?

Freesia, the scent is divine

Who I nominate:

1. 400 days ´til 40, reflection on life and counting down to 40th birthday

2. A detailed house, beautiful interior, rich pictures

3. Dudette here! on vegetarian food and holistic living with a sprinkle of humor.

On the search for inspiration, inspirational blog

5..Silentlyheardonce, poetry and thoughts on life

6.Joypassiondesire, Things in life to enjoy and be passionate about

7. Think wonderfulthoughts on Law of attraction and much, much more!

8. Rose (Radient, Open, Strong, Energy) A blog for your inner goddess, love the whole idea!

9. Byzantine flowers, abundance of holistic information!

Thanks again, A Charmed Yogi!

What is beauty ?

Delicate flowers and fire hydrants!

In light of yesterday´s thoughts on pressure from the marketing industry. I wanted to capture beauty today. I set out to take pictures of beautiful things that I would find on my walk home. I was going to capture all the beauty. And I did. What I did not know, was that I was unconsciously working towards a metaphor for woman’s development as opposed to man´s. It was by accident! I first saw it when I uploaded the pictures. Then it jumped right at me. And yes I had a big laugh!

So who is the little delicate yellow flower? The girl, she is perfect radiant and confident. But the weeds are lurking all around her. But if she is nurtured she will blossom.

She will become this beautiful rich pink bundle of joy! But the road might be bumpy. And she might get disappointed, let down, abandoned, hurt.

If she does not get the nourishment she needs, she will die. Not literally, she might be dead inside. It does not have to mean that it is the end. She might surprise herself and rise. When you least expect it!

She blooms! But be aware she has experience if you are not careful she comes to her defence with her thorns! You are better having her as a friend and a companion.

This one is old age, she is vice, strong and has seen it all. She has earned the right to have an attitude. She is beautiful. Wrinkles,  stretch marks  and gray hair. She has got it all. And bears it proud. But you don´t want to mess with her!

This is the flower within all women. It should be let alone till she is ready to reveal it. It should never be forced. When she is ready she will welcome you. It is the most delicate of all flowers. Be gentle. Treat it with respect and admiration!

Part two, the fire hydrant, not very poetic

It might be because men are simple creatures.

The freshly painted overly eager. Has lack of control and does not know what he is doing.

This one has learned his lessons, the danger is that he gets in the shadow of his family and children. Please bring him into the sunlight and keep him there he´s not fond of the shadow.

In balance with his surroundings. Experienced. Has enough energy where energy is needed. Loyal, standing strong, your best friend.

Did I go overboard?

I had a good laugh and I remembered something.  I sat in a lecture on leadership once. The lecturer was telling us about our subconsciousness. She described our subconscious like an elephant. The elephant knows where we are headed. But the trouble is we are always trying to control the elephant. But the elephant is beyond control.

This photo session of  mine was a reminder to me.

The elephant knows!

Let go and go with the flow, the elephant will lead the way!

How do you see your body?

Killing us softly?

Jean Kilbourne´s  lecture on body image in marketing. Computer retouching and Photoshop. She has worked in this field for years and is also contributing to Miss representation´s video later in the post.


In 500 years what happened to the image of women?

Video on 500 years of women in art, where did we derail? Where did we get the standards of beauty that we hold today?


Where does it all end?

Video from Miss representation, a must see for all parents. Average American teenager is exposed to media 10 hours and 45 minutes every day! Girls get the message that the most important thing is how they look. It does not matter what a woman accomplishes. It all comes down to her looks.

I have two daughters, I want them to be valued on their talents and skills not their looks. I want them to have healthy body image. I thought I had a positive body image untill, I had a terrible moment of truth when I got married. I was in a state of shock when I saw the wedding pictures. My mind had been diluted by the image of how I should look. And I was greatly disappointed with the pictures. I  saw a flat chested woman with a small head and huge calf’s! It took me six months to get used to the photos, now I like them very much. But I had no idea how polluted my mind was until I had this experience.

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I´m blushing..another award!

Second award!

Dudette here! nominated me to the creative blogger award , and I am truly thankful! This is what she wrote;

Holistic me: an absolutely beautiful blog with a holistic approach toward health and well-being, superb information and very inspirational,

Aww thank you!. I really appreciate the award, it is like a vitamin boost.

The Kreativ Blogger Award works in a similar way to a chain mail, in that if you are nominated, you then nominate seven other blogs for the award in order to accept.

To those I nominate (and for everyone else), here are the rules:

  • Thank the nominating blogger and provide a link to that blog
  • Spread the love by nominating seven other bloggers, including their links
  • Tell your readers seven things they may not already know about you

So, here are seven things about me:

  1. I am currently writing my first play
  2. I want to celebrate my 50th birthday walking the pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela.
  3. I love skiing
  4. I had a very brief model career, including cover photo and runway appearance in bikini after I already was mother of three.
  5. My favorite instrument is the trumpet.
    Maria Callas in my favorite singer and favorite diva
  6. I finished my first novel in November and I´m rewriting it
  7. I am a red cross volunteer

And my nominees for the Kreativ Blogger Award are (in no particular order!):

1 Influence versus control inspirational blog that puts things in perspective.

2. Along the Tao, spiritual blog.

3 Food and photography, need I say more?

4. Anne Sture Tucker, blog on holistic approach.

5 .Subhan Zein Beautiful stories of life.

6 Tip Interior, tips and trend on interior design, rich with beautiful photos

7 Looking to the sky, spiritual and inspirational blog

Thank you again, Dudette for remembering me!, and for the nomination!!!


It´s time for spring cleaning!

Originally posted on Hands-of-Faith Holistic Healing Centers® Blog:

Cover of "The Fasting Path: For Spiritual...

Spring marks a time of renewal, rejuvenation, and restoration. Buds burst from the soil. Birds build nests. Children rediscover the outdoors. And adults celebrate the season by cleaning and uncluttering their surroundings.

This year, along with tidying the garage, attic, and basement, consider freshening your internal system with a detox diet.

While detox diets may seem to be the latest trend, these eating plans actually parallel the natural patterns of our ancestors. Traditionally, the end of long, cold winters meant diminishing food supplies, while the balmy weather brought the year’s first, fresh produce.

«Spring represents the best time of year for cleansing the body for many reasons,» says Brenna Hatami, a Denver naturopath and yoga instructor. Lighter foods become available, milder weather entices more people outdoors, and the liver is at its most regenerative. All these conditions contribute to supporting a major lifestyle renovation. That’s why Hatami chooses spring for…

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Things to be tankful for today

The day did not start out that well, no crisis though

I had a small adventure yesterday, not a pleasant one. It started with a call to the landlord, the landlord called the plumber, the plumber pressed the wrong button and voila, our apartment smelled literally like s**t!

Lesson one;Don´t panic there is nothing you can do anyway

I was thankful I was not there, my husband called and told me about it and what did I do? Nothing ,for the time being I decided that I was going to wait till they had finished cleaning it up and then I would check the damage. I was not going to change a thing because the damage was already done.

Lesson two; relax and enjoy what life has to offer.

I was headed home when I found out that I had forgotten my house keys. Was I going to rush to my daughter’s classroom and get her keys and the rush to pick her up an hour later? I decided to sit in the sun and read. I grabbed a bite of sushi and green tea. Later I walked to pick up my daughter  at school. I did not bring her any snack´s like I´m used too, but she was really happy about the sushi, I had saved her 5 pieces. On the way home I told her about the plumbing disaster and warned her that I had no idea what to expect.

Lesson three: When needed pull up your sleeves!

We got home, the plumber had cleaned up all right but the smell was still hanging there. There was nothing else to do but take a long session with soap, water and cleaning tools. And let the air in! So I did with help from my nine-year old that did more than her fair share. Some things were beyond saving and the trash filled up . Other things had two-three spins in the washing machine and came out as good as new.

Why am I thankful today?

The question I have is why did it have to happen now? We got house guests last night. My husband had to pick them up at the airport. By the time they were here the smell was gone. Our wonderful landlord had lent us the empty apartment next door to house our guests and my daughter and I had cleaned there too . But I am actually glad it did because it would have been worse if it happened after they arrived. At least now I had the chance of making the place decent before hand. Their flight was delayed  and that gave me extra two hours.

So all in all even though I´m a little tired now, everything is in order. The house guests got a good night sleep. And I managed to safe face this morning rushing my daughter to school and paying for the class photos 15 minutes prior to the photo shoot. (I´m not alway´s the best organized mom)

All in all I am thankful and happy:-)

So I am happy writing final papers at my office. My office is the local coffee shop that makes me  a perfect cup of espresso. The sun is shining, what else can a woman ask for?

Why is it difficult to ask for help?

Is asking for help a sign of weakness?

For a long time I thought so, where I got the idea from, I have not figured out yet. It might be the pressure of measuring up, to man up!     I don´t know. But the inability to ask for help or assistance is a contributing factor to how careful I have to be now. When I finally gave up and learned to ask for help I also had to learn to say no.

The asking for help part came in small steps I started to be realistic, not lifting heavy things, asking someone stronger to do it for me. Sometimes I felt like an idiot at work asking the men for help, but no one ever  said no. When I asked for help there were two possible answers yes and no so how bad can It be?

no! short but powerful word.

The other lesson , the harder lesson was how to say no. I am still laughing at the poor old guy that was trying to cut the line and get in front in the bakery . I was very loud and clear and a little rude maybe, explaining to him I was next and he was cutting the line. This was when I was beginning to say no and  learning to say no.    I was and still am a little clumsy. I even invested in a company against my better knowledge.The most expensive act of codependency in my life!

But I have to ask ,what is the lesson?

what lesson can I take from almost loosing my health because of my inability to ask for help and say no?

I learned the lesson that taking on what others want me to do is not always in my best interest. I have to make choices that are good for me not colored with what others want me to do. That can both be pressure from my work and  family.

I learned to listen to what I want without the buzz from the surroundings telling my what was best or right. People can give you advice left, right and center but you and I have the freedom to ignore the advice. The lesson I think is the hardest. Is how  to say no lovingly. Being able to say no without the anger and resentment attached to it. That is the tricky part. An I am practicing it every day.

It is a process one day at a time, with care and love for yourself as a guide. If you are not able to love yourself. How are you going to love others?

Multiple brains?

Where is your brain located?

Poster depicting Steve Martin in the legendary comedy the man with two brains.An old classic

Is it true that we have more than one brain?  These ideas come from a pioneer in the research field Dr. Gershon. He writes about why we can feel in our stomach feelings as anxiety, fear and anger. The main reason is that serotonin ,that is like a messenger to the brain, is stored in the stomach. When we repress the feelings that our gut is trying to tell us about , we can cause ourselves to be sick. Some believe that all dis-eases come because of poor diet, lack of rest too much stress and repressed anger or repressed feelings. The whole article is linked above and it explains why we can feel in our gut. The gut feeling has logical explanation and there is no wonder why we say ; I can feel it in my gut.

The alternative 

The funny thing is when I was reading about Gershon, I found another doctor a Doctor with a slightly different name Dr. Gerson. And he was remarkable character, I had already seen an interview with his daughter in the film food matters. The Gerson institute offers a alternative cancer treatment without the chemotherapy. It offers a program that is more natural, here is more about the very intriguing Dr. Gerson

Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless discusses the development of his world-famous dietary therapy and the struggles this medical pioneer faced as he challenged orthodox medicine with his nutritional protocol. This inspiring and uplifting biography follows Dr. Gerson through Nazi persecution, then persecution in the United States from the medical establishment, the continuation of his work despite the opposition, his questionable death and finally the present, where daughter Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Institute work to continue his legacy and vision.

This is a video on the Gerson Miracle, the beginning and the continuing work of the Gerson Institute.It explains the body´s encounter with poisons. Clearly one more mind-blowing video.

This is an almost fifty minutes long video with Charlotte Gerson who is 90 years old! She is amazing. This is fifty minutes well spent I promise!

I simply love Charlotte Gerson, she is my role model. I want to be like her when I am 90!!

The body has remarkable healing powers, we only need to unleash the power.

The power to heal.

If you don´t have anything else planned on this saturday night, This is a film by 15-year-old Garret, called the Beautiful truth. It is about the Gerson therapy and health issues like how amalgam in fillings can deprive people of their health. The issue of food additives like MSG and aspartame is touched and the issue of GMO foods and much more! It is remarkable to witness the denial in the medical profession that say Dr. Gerson therapy is a hoax. If I had to choose today I would choose Dr.Gerson´s method without hesitation!

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Why holistic?

What exactly is a holistic approach?

For me it means balance. Keeping balance in my life. I have had periods that I have eaten poorly, deprived the body of nourishment and fed it with sugar and coffee.

There are times that I have been emotionally absent from my family and put all my energy into my work. Borderline  workaholic, if you like. I have had moments when neither home nor work was a good place to be. In other words I was depressed.

In this post I am trying to explain what the holistic approach means to me. I dug up some links that I have found helpful and pictures that I have taken from other web sources but I have linked back to the source. The five elements of holistic approach are explained in the picture below.We need all of the elements to harmonize ,in order to feel whole. Ergo feel well, in the state of Well-being.

We know that exercise and nutrition contribute to our well-being but did you know that meditation and relaxation play as important role?

We need rest, exercise and nourishment to keep the body «machine» working but the mind  also needs rest, meditation unwinds us from stress. Stress in a contributing factor to many dis-eases of the body.Stress is a modern society health threat.Stress increases the PH value in the body. If the PH value is high we are more likely to get sick, than if the PH value is balanced.

The five pieces of our cake

Relationships Our relationships matter, it means that the people in your life can not be draining you of energy. In order to have balanced relationship, you will have to find a way to stop letting people robbing you of your energy. The weird thing is that we often have draining relationships in our immediate family. It is worth working on because these are the people you can usually not just stop seeing.

Career We tend to get absorbed in our work. But we can not let it overrides everything else in our life. I have tendencies to get too wrapped up in the things I am doing. Sometimes it would drain me of all my energy and when I came back home there was just the shell left. I was deflated for energy from my work.

Spirituality We need to have some refuge, it does not matter what name we put on it. If it is a higher power or if we practice meditation. We need a break every now and then. To tune down and reconnect with ourselves. I find it helpful to study the balance of my chakras.

physical activity The best we can do for our body is just do 30 minutes a day of exercise. We need to run the machinery so it won´t get rusty and stiff. Walk, ride a bicycle. Find a steep hill and walk up it. Go to the gym. Whatever suits your rhythm and preference.

Nourishment We need good balanced diet and plenty of water. Water is the base. Food is a big part og our lives. It´s the hardest part to keep balanced. Our cravings can tell us la little about our imbalances, on mind-body green  there is a summary of food cravings and the source for the craving.

There are holistic resources like the holistic health library that have information regarding all parts of our holistic living.

The thing is there must be balance between the ares of our lives. Look at it as a cake , is just one cake. You are it. If work is too big of a slice the others are smaller. The cake is not getting bigger. There are 24 hours in a day. You need to divide them wisely. for you.

I find the chakra Wisdom helpful in understanding the balance. Here is a chakra wisdom from sspirituality and self-help . The seven chakras are explained. This blog for example is my way of regaining strength in my throat chakra. The chakra that deals with self-expression and communication.

Seven chakras meditation has an online support of the chakra well-being and some useful tips.

Illustration of the main 7 Chakras, as taught ...

Illustration of the 7 Chakras © Wikipedia