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Why is it difficult to ask for help?

Is asking for help a sign of weakness?

For a long time I thought so, where I got the idea from, I have not figured out yet. It might be the pressure of measuring up, to man up!     I don´t know. But the inability to ask for help or assistance is a contributing factor to how careful I have to be now. When I finally gave up and learned to ask for help I also had to learn to say no.

The asking for help part came in small steps I started to be realistic, not lifting heavy things, asking someone stronger to do it for me. Sometimes I felt like an idiot at work asking the men for help, but no one ever  said no. When I asked for help there were two possible answers yes and no so how bad can It be?

no! short but powerful word.

The other lesson , the harder lesson was how to say no. I am still laughing at the poor old guy that was trying to cut the line and get in front in the bakery . I was very loud and clear and a little rude maybe, explaining to him I was next and he was cutting the line. This was when I was beginning to say no and  learning to say no.    I was and still am a little clumsy. I even invested in a company against my better knowledge.The most expensive act of codependency in my life!

But I have to ask ,what is the lesson?

what lesson can I take from almost loosing my health because of my inability to ask for help and say no?

I learned the lesson that taking on what others want me to do is not always in my best interest. I have to make choices that are good for me not colored with what others want me to do. That can both be pressure from my work and  family.

I learned to listen to what I want without the buzz from the surroundings telling my what was best or right. People can give you advice left, right and center but you and I have the freedom to ignore the advice. The lesson I think is the hardest. Is how  to say no lovingly. Being able to say no without the anger and resentment attached to it. That is the tricky part. An I am practicing it every day.

It is a process one day at a time, with care and love for yourself as a guide. If you are not able to love yourself. How are you going to love others?

Multiple brains?

Where is your brain located?

Poster depicting Steve Martin in the legendary comedy the man with two brains.An old classic

Is it true that we have more than one brain?  These ideas come from a pioneer in the research field Dr. Gershon. He writes about why we can feel in our stomach feelings as anxiety, fear and anger. The main reason is that serotonin ,that is like a messenger to the brain, is stored in the stomach. When we repress the feelings that our gut is trying to tell us about , we can cause ourselves to be sick. Some believe that all dis-eases come because of poor diet, lack of rest too much stress and repressed anger or repressed feelings. The whole article is linked above and it explains why we can feel in our gut. The gut feeling has logical explanation and there is no wonder why we say ; I can feel it in my gut.

The alternative 

The funny thing is when I was reading about Gershon, I found another doctor a Doctor with a slightly different name Dr. Gerson. And he was remarkable character, I had already seen an interview with his daughter in the film food matters. The Gerson institute offers a alternative cancer treatment without the chemotherapy. It offers a program that is more natural, here is more about the very intriguing Dr. Gerson

Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless discusses the development of his world-famous dietary therapy and the struggles this medical pioneer faced as he challenged orthodox medicine with his nutritional protocol. This inspiring and uplifting biography follows Dr. Gerson through Nazi persecution, then persecution in the United States from the medical establishment, the continuation of his work despite the opposition, his questionable death and finally the present, where daughter Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Institute work to continue his legacy and vision.

This is a video on the Gerson Miracle, the beginning and the continuing work of the Gerson Institute.It explains the body´s encounter with poisons. Clearly one more mind-blowing video.

This is an almost fifty minutes long video with Charlotte Gerson who is 90 years old! She is amazing. This is fifty minutes well spent I promise!

I simply love Charlotte Gerson, she is my role model. I want to be like her when I am 90!!

The body has remarkable healing powers, we only need to unleash the power.

The power to heal.

If you don´t have anything else planned on this saturday night, This is a film by 15-year-old Garret, called the Beautiful truth. It is about the Gerson therapy and health issues like how amalgam in fillings can deprive people of their health. The issue of food additives like MSG and aspartame is touched and the issue of GMO foods and much more! It is remarkable to witness the denial in the medical profession that say Dr. Gerson therapy is a hoax. If I had to choose today I would choose Dr.Gerson´s method without hesitation!

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Why holistic?

What exactly is a holistic approach?

For me it means balance. Keeping balance in my life. I have had periods that I have eaten poorly, deprived the body of nourishment and fed it with sugar and coffee.

There are times that I have been emotionally absent from my family and put all my energy into my work. Borderline  workaholic, if you like. I have had moments when neither home nor work was a good place to be. In other words I was depressed.

In this post I am trying to explain what the holistic approach means to me. I dug up some links that I have found helpful and pictures that I have taken from other web sources but I have linked back to the source. The five elements of holistic approach are explained in the picture below.We need all of the elements to harmonize ,in order to feel whole. Ergo feel well, in the state of Well-being.

We know that exercise and nutrition contribute to our well-being but did you know that meditation and relaxation play as important role?

We need rest, exercise and nourishment to keep the body «machine» working but the mind  also needs rest, meditation unwinds us from stress. Stress in a contributing factor to many dis-eases of the body.Stress is a modern society health threat.Stress increases the PH value in the body. If the PH value is high we are more likely to get sick, than if the PH value is balanced.

The five pieces of our cake

Relationships Our relationships matter, it means that the people in your life can not be draining you of energy. In order to have balanced relationship, you will have to find a way to stop letting people robbing you of your energy. The weird thing is that we often have draining relationships in our immediate family. It is worth working on because these are the people you can usually not just stop seeing.

Career We tend to get absorbed in our work. But we can not let it overrides everything else in our life. I have tendencies to get too wrapped up in the things I am doing. Sometimes it would drain me of all my energy and when I came back home there was just the shell left. I was deflated for energy from my work.

Spirituality We need to have some refuge, it does not matter what name we put on it. If it is a higher power or if we practice meditation. We need a break every now and then. To tune down and reconnect with ourselves. I find it helpful to study the balance of my chakras.

physical activity The best we can do for our body is just do 30 minutes a day of exercise. We need to run the machinery so it won´t get rusty and stiff. Walk, ride a bicycle. Find a steep hill and walk up it. Go to the gym. Whatever suits your rhythm and preference.

Nourishment We need good balanced diet and plenty of water. Water is the base. Food is a big part og our lives. It´s the hardest part to keep balanced. Our cravings can tell us la little about our imbalances, on mind-body green  there is a summary of food cravings and the source for the craving.

There are holistic resources like the holistic health library that have information regarding all parts of our holistic living.

The thing is there must be balance between the ares of our lives. Look at it as a cake , is just one cake. You are it. If work is too big of a slice the others are smaller. The cake is not getting bigger. There are 24 hours in a day. You need to divide them wisely. for you.

I find the chakra Wisdom helpful in understanding the balance. Here is a chakra wisdom from sspirituality and self-help . The seven chakras are explained. This blog for example is my way of regaining strength in my throat chakra. The chakra that deals with self-expression and communication.

Seven chakras meditation has an online support of the chakra well-being and some useful tips.

Illustration of the main 7 Chakras, as taught ...

Illustration of the 7 Chakras © Wikipedia


It is interesting to see who the actors are in the organic market

Originally posted on To Your Health:

Who Owns Organic?

The latest update of major corporate ownership and involvement in the organic food sector is now out. The chart graphically focuses on the organic brands with ties to the top 25 food processors in North America. You can view a full-size version of the latest chart by clicking here.

Dr. Phil Howard, an Assistant Professor at Michigan State, is responsible for the creation and updating of the organic food business chart. He teaches in the University’s Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies program.

Dr. Howard has now created a new graphically animated version of consolidation occurring in the organic food sector between 1995 and 2007. You can view this by clicking on this link:

Dr. Howard’s first organic food sector chart, from 2002 (the date the USDA’s organic standards were implemented), offers an interesting comparison of the dramatic changes that have taken place with…

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10 bonus features with your new pair of pants

When you go shopping for clothes, what else do you bring home with you?

Do you think about textiles when you hear teflon and formaldehyde ? I bet you don´t , but actually those are two of the ingredients you might find in textile production. Which means when you bring a new garment home it might be polluted.  When I was browsing for relating articles I found this interesting article from Rosewood Holistic Health LCC, it is called,Hidden Toxins in Clothing and Fabrics, it explains the chemical cocktail we are exposed to.

Your Clothing’s Chemical Cocktail

You may be wondering when, and why, chemicals are applied to your clothing. The fact is, man-made fabrics are complex, and getting a soft pullover out of raw materials takes some measure of chemical manipulation.

This a List of 10  Chemicals that you did probably not expect to find in your clothes. The fact is they are used to make fibers suitable for spinning and weaving.

  1. A formaldehyde product is often applied to prevent shrinkage. This product is applied with heat so it is trapped in the fiber permanently.
  2. Petrochemical dyes, which pollute waterways, are used for color.
  3. Unidentified chemicals are added to make clothing softer, wrinkle-free, fire-retardant, moth-repellant and stain-resistant.
  4. Commonly used chemicals include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and
  5. dioxin-producing bleach.
  6. Nylon and polyester are made from petrochemicals, whose production creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that’s 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
  7. Rayon is made from wood pulp that has been treated with chemicals, including caustic soda and sulphuric acid.
  8. Dye fixatives used in fabrics often come from heavy metals and pollute water systems.
  9. Acrylic fabrics are polycrylonitriles, which may be carcinogenic.
  10. Clothing and fabric that is treated with flame-retardant chemicals, such as children’s pajamas, emit fformaldehyde gas.

The chemicals used in synthetic clothing have been linked to health problems including cancer, immune system damage, behavioral problems and hormone disruption.

In addition to the «cocktail» description there is some good advice in the article, like washing a garment three times before using it the first time.

This is a short version of a documentary, from  that shows the seriousness of the matter.

I rest my case. I have worked in textiles for over ten years and I wonder what I should do about it, I used to unpack products from China most day´s during the ten years. Might that have something to do with my fragile health today?

Here is the whole documentary from,  it  takes 45 minutes to watch and we get to learn about the people who manufacture the cheap clothes. Using all the hazardous chemicals without any protection.

Sugar is the white death

This is a statement from Cancer Truth:

Sugar is *NOT* your friend. It may feel like your friend when it comforts you (due to the beta-endorphin rush in your brain), but sugar is actually your enemy. Truth be told, regular consumption of sugary foods is one of the worst things that you can do to your health.

Here you can read the whole » Sugar is the white death» article on cancer truth.

One of my favorite scientists Dr. Robert H. Lustig is participating in these educational videos from the University of California

Dr. Lustig has also been on 60 minutes talking about his research. It is inspirational to hear him talk against the food industry. He is stepping on many toes. My prediction is that there will be  a massive kickback from those who have no sense of social responsibility  and poison their fellow-men guilt free.

The first video I saw by Dr. Lustig is one hour and twenty-nine minutes. It is mind-blowing. He is turning everything we have believed about calorie intake before upside down.

So why do I think this is a big deal? Sugar is a drug. Why do I say that? I have been a drug addict and my drug of choice was sugar.The «problem» is that I did not gain weight. That sounds delightful doesn´t it?  You know what?  My body doesn´t  think so. Thanks to an excellent dentist the consequences can not be seen. The damage to my digestive system is something I have to pay attention to every day. Sugar overconsumption is not  friendly to the body, not even if you don´t gain weight..

But all in all I am thankful for the lesson. I have only one life. I have to try to live it in harmony with my body and my surroundings.

I put all three videos under «videos» if you want to safe them for later.

When educators understand their purpose

A heartwarming story from Reykjavik

This is the nest of Ravens Huginn and Harpa they used the easter vacation to build their  nest under the roof of an elementary school, in the center of Reykjavik Iceland. That is perhaps not such a big deal. But, the very loud school bell is right under the nest.

When teachers and children returned to their posts after easter.The principal decided to detach the electric school bell, in order not to disturb ,the Raven couple. He decided to bring out the bell from 1930 in order to replace the electric one. This is an old hand-held bell, and a treasure of the past. The children now enjoy the encounter of the old bell instead of the loud electrical one. By doing this the principal is making the most of his role as an educator. He is respecting the life of other creatures. He is setting an outstanding example for his students. He has given the students a great opportunity to first hand follow the pair of Ravens build a home for their young and the kids absorb everything about the birds. I think this is such a lovely story and I wanted to share with you. Because the role of an educator , when used wisely can lead to so much good. This is such a beautiful opportunity the principal has used to better the world.