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How do you see your body?

Killing us softly?

Jean Kilbourne´s  lecture on body image in marketing. Computer retouching and Photoshop. She has worked in this field for years and is also contributing to Miss representation´s video later in the post.


In 500 years what happened to the image of women?

Video on 500 years of women in art, where did we derail? Where did we get the standards of beauty that we hold today?


Where does it all end?

Video from Miss representation, a must see for all parents. Average American teenager is exposed to media 10 hours and 45 minutes every day! Girls get the message that the most important thing is how they look. It does not matter what a woman accomplishes. It all comes down to her looks.

I have two daughters, I want them to be valued on their talents and skills not their looks. I want them to have healthy body image. I thought I had a positive body image untill, I had a terrible moment of truth when I got married. I was in a state of shock when I saw the wedding pictures. My mind had been diluted by the image of how I should look. And I was greatly disappointed with the pictures. I  saw a flat chested woman with a small head and huge calf’s! It took me six months to get used to the photos, now I like them very much. But I had no idea how polluted my mind was until I had this experience.

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