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Codependent Marketing

You shall be mortified!

i take drugs

i take drugs (©the|G|™)

It is tornado season and I have been glued to the weather channel. Usually I don´t watch television but we wanted to know if we should take some action. I am a total rookie when it comes to tornadoes. What has caught my attention is the advertisements. They are all for medication. To keep you pain-free,  sneeze free  and make you sleep. But the message is you should buy the product out of shame! You should be mortified if you sneeze at a school concert. And the killing look the old lady in front of you sends your way. Should make you understand that you do not belong! This is an assembly for non sneezing people only!

Fred Ott's Sneeze (film by William K.L. Dickson)

Fred Ott's Sneeze (film by William K.L. Dickson) ©Wikipedia

In the first place, if you are sneezing, you are not well. You should rest and get yourself healthy. I am truly thankful for the medication upbringing I got. Medication is for emergencies. There are few things that hot tea with honey and lemon, hot bath and sleep can´t  fix. If we are feeling sick. Our body is at dis-ease. We should listen.

Rest is the best thing when we are feeling sick. There are some herbs and remedies that I find useful.  If I feel that I am coming down with something. The first thing I take is olive leaf extract. I find it to  work before I get sick and it boosts the immune system. Second stage I take Echinacea , I use the concentrated liquid version , Vitamin c in large doses  1000 mg is what I take to boost my immune system. Tea with licorice root is really good to keep the throat clear. I sometimes make green tea with fresh ginger and cayenne pepper for my throat.

Allium sativum, Alliaceae, Garlic, bulbils; Ka...

Allium sativum, Alliaceae, Garlic, bulbils; The fresh bulbs are used in homeopathy as remedy: ©Wikipedia

Garlic is  magical. If you slice the garlic and put it between two slices of apple It´s no problem chewing it raw. (Trick my nine-year old taught me). If there is something going on in my throat the garlic kills everything. A juice of carrot, with ginger and oranges is good to boast the immune system. If you can get a shot of wheat grass and ginger, that is one juice that is like a power plant!

If I can´t sleep I take a blend of calcium magnesium, it calms me down.

I find it useful to drink water, water is the best remedy nature has to offer. If you are drinking enough water , your urine is light yellow, if it gets dark yellow or brownish you are definitely not drinking enough water. People that live of their voice monitor their urine. Because the first things that you lose is your voice if you dry out.

At least these commercials are made to feed the; I -got- to- have -that-so- that -I -won´t- look -like -an-idiot- to- the- strangers -I might -sneeze- in- front -of!

«What will they think?» I´s just not cool using shame as a motivator to buy something.

Eat alive and you will thrive

This is Yuri Elkaim and  he has some additional info on how to boost the immune


Nice lecture almost 10  minutes. ( I will come back to Yuri later)

So be shameless! And take matter in your own hands!