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You must write something that is more entertaining mom!

My boss and I

©spessi www.spessi.com

My daughter and I on the beach on my 45th birthday.©spessi, www.spessi.com

My daughter , nine years old , looked over my shoulder this morning when I was checking the stats for my blog. Only nine people! You must write something that is more fun to read!  I explained to her that it was not my goal. I was writing what I liked to write about, that is holistic approach.  My target group is women like me, and men, maybe older and some younger. People that share my interest in holistic approach. She shook her head and did not approve of my marketing strategy.

It is my blog and I control the content (It´s my party and I cry if I want to)

Probably one of the few areas of my life I don´t have to consult someone else before writing something. Well that is not true but sometimes I feel navigated. By the very same nine-year old.

I am thankful

I was thinking as I walked home from the library, how lucky I am. Studying at my age (45). It is nice to be able to read and learn at this phase in my life. I love what I am studying. Today I have been reading about monuments in Florence. I am reading play´s by American women. And I get to learn about architecture. How fascinating is that?

I am thankful, not only have I been able to study I have also been blessed with challenging jobs in the past  and I´m sure I will be in the future. I have been blessed with various tasks that taught me new things. I´ve got the chance to meet coworkers that were fascinating. Some of them are dear friends. Some were difficult but probably taught me the most.  My work has had room for personal growth. I have been blessed with good people around me that have put their faith in me.

All in all life is wonderful! (Even though my 100 readers a day is not quite there..yet)