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Taking a walk surrounded by the priceless beauty of spring.

Can you spare 30 minutes a day?

If you think about Dr.Mike Evans  message, it only takes 30 minutes a day to improve your health significantly.The rest 23 1/2 hours you can do what ever you want.

I did my walk today,  with my significant other. We were enjoying the spring. The flowers disappear almost as quickly as they appear  there is no room for postponing  the experience it is now or they might be gone.

The beauty of spring is priceless. The scent is indescribable. We had an incident, that we laughed about all the way home. How wonderful can life be?

We took pictures using the phone. It´s sad not to be able to send  the smell too. The sky showed us  shades of blue that were amazing.

Embrace  the 30 minutes!